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// At Las Vegas, Nevada

10 Las Vegas Gems You Need To Try

From dive bars to urban cafes, there is a place that caters to everyone

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1. The Mandarin Bar wins the "most amazing bar with a view" award by far.

Take your dates here if you want them to know how fancy you are. This gem's sophisticated atmosphere, dazzling scenery, and unique drink menu make this the perfect venue for a chic night out.

2. Mint Bistro is where you want to go for delicious Indian food and outstanding service.

This restaurant, located on east Flamingo, has without a doubt the best Indian cuisine in town. They offer an inferno challenge, which only 1 percent of the brave souls that try it make it through. They also have an amazing lunch buffet for only $10.

3. The best Thai food is at Lotus of Siam.

Located within the sketchiest of shopping plazas on east Sahara, the Lotus of Siam constantly has a line out the door and multiple taxis outside waiting for the eager restaurant diners. Chef Saipin and the restaurant have also received awards from the Food Channel, Travel Channel, and the 2011 James Beard Award. Their authentic Northern Thai will leave you craving more.

4. Las Vegas isn't known for it's authentic BBQ, but the best place to find it is Rollin Smoke BBQ.

Located on a street chalk full of strip clubs, you would never think that this place would have anything to offer. However, this is the quintessential Las Vegas classic. From the briscuit, to the hot links, to the peach cobbler, to the waffle fries-- this restaurant will leave you full and satisfied!

5. If you're craving latin food and an espresso, head over to Makers and Finders.

This urban coffee house is the perfect study spot, and its open atmosphere makes it a popular staple down town. Their lavender lattés are to die for, and you can't go wrong with any of their food items. If you are wanting a beer to wash your food down, you can hop next door to Hop Nuts Brewery.

6. Hop Nuts Brewing, located on Main Street, is the first Microbrewery in the Las Vegas Art District, which makes it quite a popular venue.

You'll have a selection of hand picked craft beers and their own brewed Hop beers. Make sure to get in for their 50 percent off happy hour. If you want to listen to local artists and poets spilling their latest work to a crowd, come in on a Monday for open mic night!

7. This next place may be a little hard to get to, but it is known as the drunk taco place after partying on Freemont's East District.

If you head down Las Vegas Boulevard, you will pass under the 95 underpass, and there will be a tire shop with a taco truck on Bonanza called Taqueria El Buen Pastor. Once 11 p.m. rolls around, there is a huge line for their popular street tacos. Try their al pastor tacos with pineapples on top, you won't regret it.

8. If you find yourself longing for some Louisiana style food, head to Lola's, another downtown staple.

This little gem only seats a few guests at a time, but if you're looking for some impeccable cajun, it's definitely worth the wait.

9. Normally locals steer clear of the strip, but if you are on a quest for the best pizza, head to the Cosmopolitan for Hidden Pizza, located on the third floor, sandwiched between two restaurants.

There is not a sign; just a little hallway leading in. Grab a slice of white pizza and play a game of pool right outside.

10. Frankie's Tiki Room, located on west Charleston, is the perfect escape at any hour of the day.

Its unique interior is one that was carved and designed by Bamboo Ben, the world's leading tiki bar designer. While their drinks are expensive for a dive bar, you only need one to get the job done. Right outside is UMC hospital, so don't be too surprised when you see a fellow hospital staff member on their break.

Just hand me a good book and a coffee and I'll be good to go.

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